Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 30th Chuck!

On Saturday we celebrated this guy's 30th birthday...
I absolutely love birthdays! And this one was no different. I woke up Saturday morning with more excitement than Christmas morning...anxious for Chuck to open all his presents.

He may have gotten an ipad, new memory foam pillows, playstation move, shirts and some more little things...but what I didn't give him is some reasons why i love him...

I love him because he has a zest for life like no one else I know.

He loves me. Regardless of imperfections...he just loves.
He is so stinkin' good at his job. He has the perfect mix of passion, hard work and integrity!
Words can't even express the ease at which he fathers. It is so natural to him and he loves little man like nothing else in the world (except me of course!). He is gentle, loving, patient, spontaneous...little man is so lucky!
Can't wait for the rest of our lives baby!


Meridyth said...

So sweet! I wish there was a "like" button for this ;-).

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